Wow, "Atheist Investor" is a pretty blunt title.

Not a whole lot of finesse or delicacy there, it's about as "on the nose" as one could hope to be.  I don't directly intend to make anyone feel unwelcome but for those who are generally of like mind, I'm eager to provide this as a site for constructive idea sharing.

As has been more the norm than the exception since 2009, the global markets are being moved primarily by macro forces.  Uncertainty in all three major regions (Asia, America, Europe) is reflected by investors as flights to safety, thin and volatile trading in equities and commodities, and high ratios of cash.  Picking winners (and losers) in this environment is unfortunately more a matter of timing than of fundamental values.  My impulse therefor is to spend time and energy now to assemble an xmas wish list and be ready to move when prices become favourable.  "Keep your powder dry" is what the business press calls it.

There is an investment sector that not only suffered the worst beating since '08 but has also shown a bottoming out of prices.  That sector is of course US real estate and this is the area where I find myself focusing my own attention.

Please have a look around and join in the discussions with any thoughts you might have.  This site is run only to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between you, myself, and others who would like to use rational skepticism as a foundation for investing.

Looking forward to chatting with you more,

Andrew Flostrand

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Atheist Investor Discussion